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Complete Guide to Universal Analytics Removal from Swydo: What You Need to Know
Complete Guide to Universal Analytics Removal from Swydo: What You Need to Know

This FAQ will help you navigate the deprecation of Universal Analytics from Swydo and understand what will happen with your reports.

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In light of Google's phased withdrawal of Universal Analytics and the consequent removal of this integration from Swydo, we've compiled this FAQ with essential information to help you understand its impact on your reports and what steps you can take.

📅 Until when will Swydo support Universal Analytics data?

All your Universal Analytics data will be gradually removed starting June 17th, 2024. After this date, any widgets containing UA data will be automatically removed. We strongly advise taking the necessary steps before this deadline.

📈 What would happen with my existing reports with Universal Analytics data in Swydo?

We will remove all the Universal Analytics widgets from every report and your report templates. However, your reports will remain available until you take further action.

📌 If you have reports with data from Universal Analytics and other integrations, it's crucial to review and adjust these reports accordingly. The removal of Universal Analytics widgets will impact the appearance of these reports. Be sure to make necessary adjustments to maintain the desired format.

⏰ What will happen to my scheduled reports?

Your scheduled reports will continue to be sent out according to their set schedule unless you choose to deactivate them. Follow these steps to deactivate a report:

  1. Navigate to your report page.

  2. Locate the scheduled report you wish to deactivate.

  3. Hover over the report, and you'll see a schedule button displayed. Click on it to open the schedule settings.

  4. At the top of the schedule feature settings, you'll find a toggle to deactivate your report. Simply switch it off to deactivate the report's scheduled sending.

📌 If you have scheduled reports with data from Universal Analytics and other integrations, make sure you review them and adjust the format accordingly.

Find here more information about managing your scheduled reports.

💾 Can I save my existing reports?

Swydo won’t save any data on its platform, but if you want, you can download any report as PDF and save it on your personal files.
📌 Make sure you do this before June 17th, 2024.

🔢 Do I need to remove my UA data sources?

No. Starting on June 17th, we will automatically remove all your UA data sources. This process may take a few weeks. Of course, you can also manually delete your UA data sources at any time.

💳 When will my payments for UA data sources cease?

Once the deprecation process is complete, we will no longer charge for any UA data sources starting June 17th. Please note that this transition may take a few weeks. If you prefer to stop payments sooner, you are free to manually remove the data sources at any time.

🗑️ What's the simplest way to locate and remove my UA data sources?

Locate your UA data sources by:

  1. Going to your client page.

  2. Click on “Data Sources” in the top menu.

  3. Locate Universal Analytics

  4. Clicking on the three dots menu icon next to the UA data source.

  5. Selecting “Delete the Data Source” from the menu to remove it

If you are an admin and want to obtain a comprehensive list of clients utilizing Universal Analytics (UA) data sources, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your settings and select “Subscription/Billing.”

  2. Choose “Usage Details” and apply a filter by integration, selecting “Google Universal Analytics.”

  3. This will display a list of all clients utilizing UA data sources.

Here are some helpful articles to guide you in finding and removing your data sources:

🔗Additional Resources:

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