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FAQ - Billing & data sources
FAQ - Billing & data sources

Read through the most popular questions regarding billing and data sources

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What you will find in this article:

1. What is a data source in Swydo?

A data source is a data set of another data platform/integration you connect to use in your reports. One data source would be one Facebook page, one Google Analytics property, or an Instagram Business account.

2. What's the difference between a data source and an Integration?

An Integration is the actual marketing platform. For example, a Google Ads MCC account is not one data source but an integration.

3. How does Swydo calculate the data sources?

Every time you connect a data source to a client, you can use it across multiple reports unlimited times. It will be counted individually each time you add the data source to Swydo. If you connect the same data source twice or to a different client, it will be counted as a new data source, and you will be charged extra for it.

4. What's the price for a data source?

The flat fee is $39, including 10 data source slots. After the tenth data source is added, each new source is $3.00 per month. However, the more data sources you add, the less you will pay per data source.

Check out the following table to see the Volume fees:

5. What happens if I have a duplicated data source?

If your data source shows twice in the same client, it will be counted double in your bill, effective from December 1, 2022.

You can either replace the data source with the duplicate, so all KPIs and widgets containing this source don't get empty, or you can delete the duplicate source.

6. Where can I see the data sources I have?

Go to your “Settings” on the left menu, click on “Billing,” and then click on "View usage details" under the data source bar. There you will find a complete list of data sources. You will be able to sort the data by client and integration. Please note you will also have the option to filter the data sources by active or inactive. Note: Only account owners and admins have access to the billing page.

Read more about where to find the data sources here!

7. Can I use the same data source for multiple clients?

You definitely can. You could add the same source to other clients. Just keep in mind all data sources connected to clients will be counted in your bill, even if doubled.

8. How can I adjust the number of data sources I pay for?

Control how much you pay by maintaining only your active data sources in your Swydo account. You could do this by removing the data sources directly from the client's page, like this:

You can read more about this here!

9. If I delete a data source, will I pay for it at the end of the month?

Yes, our payment system is post-payment; therefore, all data sources connected throughout the month are charged at the end of the billing cycle, in arrears. If you remove data sources today, they still will be visible in your account as total data sources, and you will pay for them in the upcoming bill. Moving forward, if they remain inactive, they won't be counted anymore in the next billing cycles.

10. How to calculate the cost of my data sources?

If you want to know how much you will pay per data source before connecting all your data sources, you could use our price calculator. You can find it here:

11. How can I prevent duplicating data sources?

  1. It could happen that you want to use the same report but for another client with different data sources. When you copy the report, make sure to disable the "include data sources" option:

2. Ensure your teammates connect all new data sources directly to the Client's page instead of adding new sources on the report level. Otherwise, you might find there are two or more data sources connected to the same client by different teammates.

12. What is Swydo's fair usage policy?

Our Fair use policy entails that for all clients you service, you must create an individual client folder in Swydo. This also applies to locations for Franchise companies, or different brands in case you are an advertiser.

You can contact Support if you have any other questions at or through the bubble chat on the right side!

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