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How to schedule your reports

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Schedule a Report

Scheduling allows you to send automated reports to your clients, for example, monthly, weekly, or even daily. Setting up a schedule consists of three steps:

  1. Choosing the start date

  2. Choosing the frequency of the schedule

  3. Selecting the recipients

  4. Customizing a message

  5. Selecting the report's date range

  6. Choosing the reports export format

To start creating a schedule, click the Schedule Report button in the draft report:

The Schedule settings:

Edit the Schedule

You can enter the report and click on the schedule option or from the Reporting page as shown below:

Check sent reports at the Send Log page

There's a page where you can check if the schedules have been sent out or if there were errors. You can also check if your clients opened the attachment.

Why weren't the reports sent out?

There are a few reasons why your reports may not have been sent out. The most common cause is an error within the report itself, such as a widget or KPI failing. This can cause the scheduled send to fail, resulting in no reports being sent out.

Another possible cause is that there was no data to be included in the report. If there is no data to be pulled, the report will not be sent out.


If there's a loading issue or another type of error, you will see it on the send log page. The first step is to check the report for any errors. Make sure that all of the data is being pulled correctly.

At the moment we don't have a way to rerun the schedule from inside the app so please contact support (at the chat or at The team will rerun the reports for you.

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