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All your GA4 questions resolved
All your GA4 questions resolved

As seen on our recent GA4 webinar, here are all the questions submitted

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We recently had a webinar titled GA4 Reporting Simplified, where we discussed all the main different between Analytics UA and the new GA4. We also talked about how to create GA4 reports in Swydo.

Please watch the recording of the webinar below!

Here are some of the questions asked in the webinar placed by order asked:

  1. What's the difference between sessions and the first user? Minute 37:38
    You can find the user acquisition section inside GA4, which is a recent change.

    User acquisition is all about "Did my campaign drive a new user to the site who then made an action? (week, month, or even a year apart)". The first user metrics let you measure social and prospecting campaigns more meaningfully. It has a focus on Users.
    The sessions are just the group of events recorded for a user in a given time period.

  2. I don't see any purchases or revenue in GA4. How can I see that? Minute 39:17
    GA4 is new and has nothing to do with Universal Analytics; therefore, you must implement all the settings again. The implementation is similar to Google Analytics, but it has more of an e-commerce infrastructure, so you need someone in IT who can help with the new tagging for e-commerce events. The migration will not happen automatically.

  3. How can we migrate all the clients from Universal Analytics to GA4 inside Swydo?
    Minute 40:10

    Although it has the same name, it is completely different. We have a couple of options, and the first one is to connect your GA4 account to your client. Then, you can then create a new GA4 report using one of our templates. You could also start incorporating GA4 data into your Google Universal Analytics report, for example, the Historical data from Google Universal. Just remember, although it looks the same, it is not the same kind of data pulling, you can't expect the same metrics to be in GA4.

  4. What will happen with Google Analytics Historical data?
    Because Google Universal will eventually stop, the same will happen with some of the features, including the Historic data. From the first of July 2023 til July 2024, Google Analytics will still be available if you need to export the data. Google will not do this automatically for you.

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