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How to: Delete or replace a data source
How to: Delete or replace a data source

Removing a data source

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This article will teach you how to remove and replace data sources.

  1. Go to the Clients page and select the client you want to edit

  2. On the upper side, you will see the data source tab.

Delete: Completely remove the data source from this client

Replace: Choose an existing or new data source to rewrite all existing reports that contain this source.

💡 Keeping your account organized is key to better control your bill.

Why would I need to delete or replace data sources?

All data sources connected to Clients in Swydo will get charged at the end of your billing cycle. All data sources, including duplicates in the same client. You might need to delete or replace data sources to avoid extra charges.

How can I prevent duplicating data sources?

  • When you copy a report, you will be prompted to decide whether to include the same data source or not. Make sure to disable the "include data sources" option otherwise, if you didn't choose the same client, these data sources will get copied into the new client, and duplicated data sources will get counted on your bill.

  • Ensure your teammates connect all new data sources directly to the Client's page instead of adding new sources to the report. Otherwise, you might find there are two or more data sources connected to the same client.


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