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How to connect: Facebook Ads and Insights
How to connect: Facebook Ads and Insights
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How to connect Facebook to Swydo

In this chapter, we'll give some more information on how your Facebook environment needs to be setup. Have everything already set up? Then you can skip the first two chapters and go straight to connect your Facebook account. If you find out things are not working out, you can always go back and check out the other chapters. :-)

Facebook Insights (Page statistics)

If you're managing Pages for the client and using the Business Manager for that, please check the next chapter. If not, and your Facebook account has access to the page's statistics, you can simply connect the account to Swydo.

Facebook Ads and Insights (Business Manager or Shared Login)

For the Business Manager, we’ll dive a bit deeper. Facebook’s Business Manager is a tool to manage access to multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts for your business. You create a business to which you add users (“People”) that can have access to Page’s data. By creating Advertising accounts to which you assign Facebook pages from specific clients, you can manage where your Users have access. You can read all about how to set up all that stuff here:

If you’re managing advertisements and you're still using Shared Login instead of the Business Manager, we recommend switching to the Business Manager. It makes managing the pages and advertisements a lot easier and allows you to restrict access to clients so users can only see specific ones. 

Already using the Business Manager, or just set it up? Great! You can now start connecting your account to Swydo. Still, want to use Shared Login? Well, that's fine as well! Simply log in to the Facebook environment, and connect the Facebook account to Swydo.

Connect your Facebook account

If you're managing pages and want to show data such as the number of Lifetime Fans on the page, the posts on the page, or the number of page views, you should connect your Facebook account to our Facebook Insights integration. If instead you're managing advertisements and campaigns on Facebook, and want to show e.g. a number of clicks and impressions on your advertisements, you will need to connect your Facebook account to our Facebook Ads integration.

To connect your Facebook account, make sure you’re logged in with the Facebook account you want to connect to. If you use Business Manager, make sure the Facebook account has access to the correct Ad accounts on Facebook as explained in the previous chapter.

Connect a Facebook account (Click here to find out how!)

After connecting, you can edit or create a new report and add a Facebook widget to your report.

All pages (Facebook Insights) or Ad accounts (Facebook Ads) the account has access to will show up on the "Data Source" tab when adding the widget:

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