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You might have some questions before you get started

Creating Reports

Yes, Swydo is all about Reporting! Just by connecting your Online Marketing sources like Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook ads, Bing ads, and others, you can start creating great reports for your clients in minutes.

You can create reports as PDFs or as Online Reports. The best part is, that the same report can be scheduled to be sent automatically! So you take the report and schedule it daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you prefer, It’s up to you, just choose the frequency and Swydo takes care of updating the information inside the report so it's sent with the right data every time!

We are here to make your Reporting Task easier!

But I have 450 Clients. Do I need to make a report for all of them?

No, You can, but we guess you don't have the time. So Swydo has the “Report Templates” (which can be used even if you have less than 10 clients)

The report template works as a structure of widgets or KPIs selected by you for your client. Could be that 50 out of your 450 clients are interested in seeing the same statistics in their reports, so you can use the same template for those 50 clients, or also create one template per Client or per Client's account, Swydo will take care of the rest! If you change the template, all will change with it, automatically.

There's more from Swydo to discover!

Oh yes, you can give reports your own look, include your company logo, work together with colleagues and Create a Dashboard for your Clients!

You can monitor metrics based on online marketing data, like Google Ads Clicks, Facebook Likes, and Analytics Bounce Rate. Do this by adding KPIs to show their stats.

What to expect from Swydo in the future

There will be more! The future is written in our roadmap, full of ideas to make your reporting life easier.

Who's Swydo?

Swydo is based in The Netherlands near Amsterdam, that's somewhere between Paris, London, and Berlin.

How to contact Swydo

Write us at, or if you are on the website or in the App there is a blue circle at the bottom right, see it? well, there you can chat with us. Both methods are monitored at least 12 hours per day and we always answer, Guaranteed!

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