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How to connect: YouTube Analytics

Information on what type of channel you need and what type of metrics you can display

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Our YouTube integration has been around for quite some time now; however, some of you still wonder why you can't connect some of your channels to Swydo. In this article, we give you all the answers!

You must know the YouTube integration available in Swydo is only for Ads. Organic or individual channels will not retrieve any results. However, if you are running ads on your YouTube studio, you can take advantage of this integration.

How to connect your YouTube Analytics account

  1. Enter the client where you want to connect the account:

Select the YouTube account:

What type of metrics can you find in the YouTube integration?

These are some of the metrics available:

Metrics available

  • Elapse video time ratio

  • Live or on-demand

  • Operating system

  • Playback location detail

  • Playback location type

  • Playlist

  • Province

  • Quarter

  • Quarter of the year

  • Sharing service

  • Subscribed Status

  • Traffic source detail

  • Traffic source type

  • Video

  • Video title

  • Youtube service

  • Annotation clickable impressions

  • Annotation clicks

  • Annotation closable impressions

  • Annotation close rate

  • Annotation closes

  • Audience watch ratio

  • Average time in the playlist

  • Average view duration

  • Average view percentage

  • Card click rate

  • Card clicks

  • Card Impressions

  • Card teaser click rate

  • Card teaser click

  • Card teaser impressions

  • Comments

  • Dislikes

  • Estimated minutes watched

  • Estimated minutes watched by YouTube

  • Likes

  • Logged-in viewer percentage

  • Playlist starts

  • Relative retention performance

  • Share

  • Subscribers gained

  • Subscribers lost

  • Video Title performance

  • Videos added to playlist

  • Videos removed from playlists

  • Views

  • Views per playlist start

  • YouTube Red member's views

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