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How to connect your Google Ads account to your Swydo account
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In this article, you will learn how to connect a Google Ads integration with your Swydo account. The main account with which you connect Google Ads with Swydo (like a MCC account) is what we call a Connection in Swydo. The individual client account one level deeper in your MCC is what we call a data source in Swydo. Connections are listed on the Connections page. Data sources are selected in the reports and dashboards. You can also pre-assign a data source to a client, so reports that are created from a template are automatically filled.

1. Go to the Connections page. You can find this page at the right top corner menu, clicking on your photo.

2. Then click on the "Add connection" button, then on the search bar, look for the "Google Ads" integration, check on the message advised by the system, and click on the "Connect Google Ads" button.

You will be redirected to the permission page. Google will ask you to choose an account to continue with. Choose an account:

After choosing an account, you will see the next message:

Last but not least, you have to choose if you will be sharing the access to the data source with all of the other users or if it will be just for you.

Click on allow to import your data to Swydo. Note that you can always withdraw this permission afterwards. After clicking on connect, you will see a notification in a green bar saying that the account is successfully connected:

You have now connected your Google Ads account to your Swydo account. Now you can use the underlying data sources for use in the reports.

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