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How to add an online dashboard?

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Online dashboards are the alternative to the PDF and static online reports we have already had for a long time. You can share them via the Swydo email or schedule functionality or share them manually with your clients. 

Linked to the draft report

These dashboards are still linked to the draft report, which means any changes you make to the draft report (add/remove metrics, widgets, etc.) will be automatically reflected in the linked report. This way, you only have to share a single link with your client, which they can revisit whenever they want. 

Change the date ranges

Another feature of dashboards is that, by default, it will show data for the date ranges set up in the draft report, but the viewer can change the date range and comparison date range of the export. This way, they can see and compare the statistics with other time frames and the current one. 

Click here to see an example dashboard.

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