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Reach in Swydo doesn't match Meta
Reach in Swydo doesn't match Meta

Are you seeing mismatching results for Reach between Swydo and Meta?

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You may have noticed that the Reach numbers on Swydo can sometimes vary from your Meta accounts. This is because Facebook and Instagram do not provide the exact results for Reach, so we have to estimate it based on different factors. In this article, we'll explain how this estimation works and how you can get the most accurate Reach values for your posts.

How is Reach Estimated?

Reach is the unique number of people who saw your post. This means every person who saw the post is only counted once in this metric. We can pull this data from Facebook but only through specific date intervals, Facebook counts reach in 1-day, 7-day, and 28-day intervals.

However, if the selected date ranges in your report are not the intervals mentioned, we have to estimate the data by combining the results from the largest interval possible and estimating the rest of the days. 

For example, if your date range is 31 days long, we will fetch data from 28 days + 3 individual days and then combine those values to give you an estimated Reach number. While this may not be as accurate as the exact values from Facebook, it is the closest we can get to an accurate estimation for this metric.

Getting the Most Accurate Reach Values

To ensure that you are getting the most accurate Reach values, we recommend using date ranges of 1, 7, or 28 days. This allows us to use the most accurate values.

However, understand that choosing the date range intervals doesn't guarantee that the value in Swydo will be exactly the same.

Alternative Option:

While Reach is an important metric to track on Facebook, it is important to understand that we estimate it due to Facebook's limitations. If you prefer to see the exact Reach numbers, we recommend using the Manual KPI feature. This allows you to enter the real values from Facebook, giving you a more accurate representation of your data's performance.

We hope this article has helped you better understand how Reach is calculated and how you can use it to improve your social media strategy.

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