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If you are new to Swydo this is the video you need to watch

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Welcome to Swydo!

The following video will show you how to start with Swydo, from creating clients and connecting data sources to branding and exporting your report.

If you prefer having a live walkthrough, please schedule a call with us here:

Can't watch it right now?
Follow these steps to get started with Swydo:

1. Create clients

Always start with creating a client. It makes it easier to find the reports, the schedules, and the data sources. It will help you stay organized.

2. Add data sources

After creating a client, it's time to add the relevant data sources. Add all data sources to the client. When creating a report, the app will show you an overview of the available data source in that client, which you can choose from. Please check the image below to locate the Data source box on the right side.

3. Create reports

Now, you have added the right data source to the client. It's time to create a report. The app contains two buttons where you can add a report:

A. From the client section:

B. From the reporting overview:

Next, you can decide to start with a blank report or use a template. We recommend starting with a template because it already contains some tables and graphs.

4. Schedule and Share your reports

After the report is ready how you want it, you can share it or schedule it to be sent out.

Sharing reports with clients using online reports and dashboards is a great way to serve your clients with more interactive reports.

5. Use a brand template
Customize your report for optimal brand recognition and a fully white-labeled experience. With brand templates, you can customize the style of your reports, giving them the look and feel of your company.


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