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Everything about VAT charges
Everything about VAT charges

Are you exempt of the VAT charge?

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Hey, if you have questions regarding the VAT in your bill, this article might help.

First, you must know that Swydo is based in The Netherlands, and we are part of the European Union (EU).

If your company is in The Netherlands:

We need to charge you VAT. So, you will see the current VAT rate on your invoice.

My company is in the EU, but not in The Netherlands and not in the UK:

When we have your VAT number, we can set your account as "VAT Exempt," and the VAT will not be charged.

You need to enter your VAT number upon signing up for a paid plan. If you forget, our payment systems will charge you VAT. Please send us your VAT number, and we can add that to your payment records.

My company is outside of the EU (Rest of the world and the UK):

Well, don't worry then. Life is much simpler for you. We just don't charge you VAT.

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Updated Nov, 2023

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