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Upcoming data sources counting change
Upcoming data sources counting change

Read through how we will start counting data sources from Dec 1, 2022.

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We are updating the way we track data sources so we can continue to bring you new features and better service. Starting December 1, 2022, we will charge for every data source added to a client, so we invite you to review your data sources and remove or replace unused duplicates.

Simply put, each data source added to a client will be tracked separately, whereas, in our previous tracking model, data sources added multiple times were counted as unique.

What changes from December 1, 2022?

If you add the same data source twice into a client folder or a separate one, it will be counted as a new data source, and you will be charged extra for it.

What stays the same?

If you add a data source once and use it multiple times within reports and projects that belong to the same client folder, you will still only pay for one.

How will it help you?

We aim to reduce the complexity of our data sources counting and usage system. The change aims to give you better control over the data sources added to your account and stimulate fair usage. It will also facilitate the development of new features in the future.

Why is it important to check your account?

It is important to note that these changes will be implemented from December 1, 2022, and may affect your billing. Therefore, we request you check and delete the unused duplicate data sources active in your account to prevent unnecessary additional costs. As our billing is post-payment, any changes in your invoice will only be reflected in January 2023. It's a good time to review your account now and take control of your data source usage.

We are here to help

We have created an FAQ section to help you understand how we track data sources at Swydo. We recommend you read it to learn how to manage your data sources reasonably.

If you have any questions about this change or need further assistance, please contact us at, and our friendly support team will be happy to help.

Your Swydo Team.

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