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Add Google Tags to your Dashboards
Add Google Tags to your Dashboards
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The Google Tag Manager tag set up in your reports and dashboards allows you to have features like a chat, Google Analytics tracking, etc.

For example, you could add a Google Analytics snippet to see how often your reports are read or add a snippet from your support system (Zendesk, Intercom, etc.) to start interacting with your clients directly from the report!

To get to the Google Tag Manager settings, click on the "Settings" option on the left side panel. There's an option to configure Google Tag Manager. Click "Configure" to get started:

In the pop-up that appears, you can enter the Google Tag Manager container ID in the format GTM-ABC123. Then click "Enable Google Tag Manager" to enable the feature. In your account settings overview, you will then see the container ID you entered with a checkmark to indicate it's enabled:

From then on, newly created online reports and dashboards will contain the Google Tag Manager container.

You can now head back to Google Tag Manager, add your snippets to your container, and create tags!

Configuring consent

You may need to ask for consent before triggering tags. This process is described in Google Tag Manager's documentation. The cookie used to track consent must be configured in a particular way to work in Swydo's dashboards and online reports. Ensure the cookie has "SameSite=None" as well as the "Secure" properties, as described in Google's documentation.

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