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How To Structure Your Reports Using Swydo's Resizable Widget Settings
How To Structure Your Reports Using Swydo's Resizable Widget Settings

Enhance the readability and appearance of your reports with the size selector available in the menu of your data widgets.

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With the size selector on your widgets' menu, you can arrange charts, KPIs, tables, text, and images in various sizes, expanding your customization options and gaining more control over the appearance and readability of your reports.

This guide will walk you through how to use this feature to enhance the customization options at your disposal, ensuring your reports are not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

How To Use It

1️⃣ Navigate to the report you wish to edit and hover over the widget you want to resize. You will see a resizing icon in the menu. Click on it, and select an option:

You can choose from the following options:


  • 25% x 11%

  • 50% x 11%

Charts except bar chart and heatmap

  • 50% x 33%

  • 75% x 33%

  • 100% x 33%

Bar Chart, Heat Map, Table and Text Widget

  • 50% x 33% (scrollable)

  • 75% x 33% (scrollable)

  • 100% x 33% (scrollable)

  • 100% x auto

For bar charts, heat maps, tables, and text widgets, you'll discover the option to enable 'auto height'. With this feature, you can showcase all your data without the need for scrolling. If you prefer a more compact widget appearance with a scrolling bar, simply disable this functionality.

When generating PDFs, ensure you activate the auto-height setting to display all your data.

2️⃣ Fill your rows with data visualizations of different sizes for a compact and insightful overview of your results.

3️⃣ Compare your data with charts positioned side by side, making it easier to spot changes and differences and notice trends over time.

4️⃣ Include text alongside your data to highlight key insights, upcoming action points, or any additional information you want to share with your clients.

5️⃣ Enhance your reports by adding images alongside your graphs, such as ad assets or brand illustrations, using the text and images widget.

6️⃣ Customize your dashboard effortlessly by dragging and dropping widgets, ensuring your data's perfect layout and communication.

7️⃣ Customize your widget borders and report background using the brand template menu. You can select from two color options or stick with the traditional white background. Simply choose your preferred style from the brand template menu.

Brand Templates Swydo

8️⃣ Review your optimized report, put a big smile on your face for the great work, and get ready to share your masterpiece with your stakeholders! 🙌

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