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Working with rate limits
Working with rate limits
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Some integrations limit how often or how much information you can load into your report. This could mean your widgets show errors while you're working on your report. Here's what you can do about them.

You might run into rate limits when working with CallRail in your report, especially when you handle lots of calls or text messages. Your widgets will show a message explaining what went wrong, as well as your unique CallRail account ID.

How to increase your request limit

You can request a higher rate limit by contacting CallRail. They will ask you a few questions when you do this. We’ve outlined these questions with potential answers below, which you can take over when making the request:

What does your integration accomplish?

The integration allows you to access and report on your analytics from different platforms all in a single platform.

What causes your application to request data from our API? How often does this occur?

Adding CallRail statistics in your reports and accessing reports that contain CallRail data. This occurs every time new data is requested. Fetched statistics are cached for 1 hour to avoid repeating the same request.

Are you storing data fetched from the API?

The data is cached for 1 hour after which it’s deleted.

You can send CallRail an email to request a higher rate limit by clicking the button below!

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