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How to add a Widget to your report
How to add a Widget to your report

Learn how to add a widget and KPI to your reports

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If you need help creating a report and adding different tables and graphs, stick around.

Even if you created a report from scratch or from a template, you can always keep on adding more graphs and tables to it. Follow along to understand how to add a widget/KPI.

First, the basics! What is the difference between a widget and a KPI?

- What is a KPI? This stands for a Key Performance Indicator, and it is just a value or number.

- What is a widget? A widget is a table or chart. You can choose between variations of charts.

How to add a widget or KPI to my report?

Adding widgets or KPIs is easy. You can start creating a widget from scratch or work over a template. Follow the instructions below if you feel a little stuck:

  1. Click on the plus sign where you want the new widget to display in your report

  2. Select the data source previously connected

  3. You'll be presented with a list of Preset KPIs and widgets. You can scroll down until you find the metrics you need or type the name of the metric you want.

  4. After selecting from a Preset widget/KPI or a metric, you will see it shown in the report.

If you need to adjust some of the settings, you can click on the wrench icon hovering over the widget/KPI. It will bring you to the following settings, which you can customize how you prefer:

The widget settings are the following:

What are the Advanced options?

Do you need help after reading this article?
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Updated March. 2024

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