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How to Connect Shopify
How to Connect Shopify

Connect your Shopify account to Swydo

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Connecting to Shopify is slightly different from the rest of the platforms in Swydo. It needs an API key and your Shop's URL.

Please check out this little video explaining where to get the API key to connect your account:

Written steps on how to find the API Key inside your Shopify account:

  1. Enter Swydo and head to your client's page

  2. Click on "Add a data source."

  3. Look for Shopify and click on "add a new data source."

  4. You will be prompted to add the API key and the Shop's URL

  5. Head to the Shopify account

  6. Look for the Settings option

  7. Click on "App and sales channel."

  8. Click on "Develop app."

  9. Click on "Create app."

  10. Name the app Swydo and choose a user as a developer. (We recommend selecting yourself)

  11. Click on "Configure Admin API Scopes"

  12. Check all the boxes available. Only read access will work as well.

  13. Save the Settings

  14. Click on the "Install app" button at the upper right side of the page

  15. Click on "Install" one more time when the new window opens

  16. Reveal and copy the API key. Please notice this is the only time you can do this.

  17. Paste the API Key somewhere safe in your computer

  18. Head to the Swydo page and paste it on the API Key space

  19. Paste the Shop's URL (If you can't find it scroll down on this article)

  20. Save the settings

How to find your Shop's URL

  1. Head to your Shopify account main page

  2. Click on "Settings"

  3. Copy the URL below the account's name


If you have customized your domain, the URL can be find here:

All the permissions needed to connect your Shopify account successfully:

These are the permissions we must have. If you can't see them, please ask the store owner to connect Swydo for you or to give you admin access:

  1. Read_analytics

  2. Read_assigned_fulfillment_orders

  3. Read_customer_events

  4. Read_customers

  5. Read_discounts

  6. Read_draft_orders

  7. Read_fulfillments

  8. Read_gift_cards

  9. Read_inventory

  10. Read_locations

  11. Read_marketing_events

  12. Read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders

  13. Read_orders

  14. Read_product_listings

  15. Read_products

  16. Read_reports

  17. Read_shipping

  18. Read_locales

  19. Read_third_party_fulfillment_orders

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