If you're an admin of the team, on the Upgrade & Billing page you're able to change the payment plan and the payment details for your team. To go to this page, click your user icon at the top right and go to the "Upgrade & Billing". 

Change payment plan

To change the payment plan for your account, There you will see our available plans with upgrade/downgrade buttons at the bottom of each one. 

Click on the button below the plan you want to switch to. If you have any questions about our payment plans, or would like info on our unlimited enterprise plan, contact us through the chat or send an email to support@swydo.com

Change payment details

To change the payment details for the team, click on the Update payment details button in the banner showing your current plan. 

There, enter the new details and click the green Update payment details button at the bottom of the form. 

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