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"Nothing found with these settings and date range"
"Nothing found with these settings and date range"

There isn't data showing up in the widget or KPI

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"Nothing found with these settings and date range"  is the blue message showing up on your widget/KPI, right? 

This means that Swydo is not able to get any data for this widget with the settings inside the widget/KPI or that simply there isn't data available for it. Check the date range because sometimes this is the cause, the date could be in the future or way in the past when you didn't have data yet.

Sometimes, people let us know their Google Analytics, Google Ads, or other data provider has results but it is just not showing in Swydo. Most of the time we see a special filters or segment are used and this causes the widget not to get any data, try to remove all filters to see if this is the case. 

If after trying this, the widget/KPI shows the same message, verify if you indeed have data for the selected date range and contact us through the chat, we'll investigate what could be causing this. 

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