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How to Send Emails from Your Own Domain
How to Send Emails from Your Own Domain

Remove the "Sent via Swydo" phrase on the emails you sent!

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Probably you’ve seen that when you send an email from Swydo the email will be received by the recipients as “ via Swydo”. By verifying your domain enable Swydo to send emails from your own domain removing the “via Swydo”. This is a powerful feature available to brand your agency or company even more towards your clients.

Verifying email domains is restricted to users with the administrator role. Not an administrator? Find out who is on the users overview accessible from the left-hand side menu.

To verify your domain head over to the team settings and scroll down to find your available email domains. Press the "start validation" button to get started.

Once the initial process completes you'll be presented with DNS records that need to be configured with your domain or hosting provider. Three (the "TXT" and "CNAME") records are required. Two (the "MX" type records) are optional, but could prevent your emails from being marked as spam.

Adding the DNS records

The process of configuring DNS records is different for each provider and is on the more technical side of the spectrum. We've gathered help pages of some common ones below, but don't hesitate to contact your system administrator or hosting provider for help setting these values if needed.

In general the process boils down to the following steps: 

  1. Sign into your domain host (where you purchased your domain) to add the records.

  2. After you are in your domain's host website go to your DNS records. You might find this page under "Advanced settings", "DNS configuration/management" or "Control Panel" depending on your hosting provider. 

  3. Select the option to add a new record of the correct type (TXT, CNAME or MX).

  4. Go back to "Email Settings" in Swydo and copy the first text on the "required value" column.

  5. Paste the text on the content verification field and save the record.

  6.  Repeat step 3, 4 and 5 but instead of the first record, choose the second one, save.

Once this is done the emails are verified and your emails that you send won't have the "via Swydo" anymore.

Verifying a second domain

If you wish to verify a second domain, follow these steps:

  • Invite a new user with an email address of the second domain.

  • Login with this new user, which will verify the email.

  • The new domain will be available on the email settings page.

  • Follow the steps described in "Adding the DNS records", but now for the second domain.

  • Done! You can now use the second domain as well.

If you have more question, we can definitely help you further! 

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