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The data in my report mismatches the results in my account
The data in my report mismatches the results in my account

Why the data in Swydo can seem to be incorrect

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My data in Swydo doesn’t match what I see in my account

Sometimes you see a KPI or widget with a completely different value from what you see in your account (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). 

There are several possible reasons this can occur, but the one that we see most often: is whether the report date range includes today or yesterday.

Why does this cause a discrepancy?

Swydo takes the data from the API of providers like Facebook and Google. An API is a backdoor to the data, while the user interface of Facebook and Google, where you are looking at, is the front door.

Providers like Facebook and Google must propagate the statistics from the interface to their API. Facebook data can take up to 24 hours before it's completely up-to-date with their interface. For Google, this can take up to 48 hours.

So if you run a report on April 1st with a date range of e.g., March 1 - 31, data can be inaccurate as the data for the 31st of March has not yet been (fully) propagated to the API.


Make sure your reports are scheduled a couple of days after the end date of your date range, e.g., send your monthly reports on the 4th instead of the 1st.

If you’re working with your draft report and want to make sure the inaccuracy is caused by the API latencies, change the date range to something a couple of days further in the past (for example, March 28th).

Other possible reasons

Other possible reasons for the mismatching data can be:

  • The date range in Swydo and your provider account are different. Verify this, please. 

  • The metrics you are comparing are different. For example, the clicks in Swydo are mismatched. Well, it is because you are comparing "Clicks" against "Link clicks" in Facebook Ads. Please double-check this. There are metrics with similar names.

  • The data is mismatching because you have a filter or any other setting inside the widget, which is causing the data to differ.  

If you have verified all possible reasons and you still see the mismatch. Please get in touch with us, and we will investigate the reason! 

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