"Swydo is no longer authorized to retrieve the data from this connection (...)"

The above image shows the error message happening on a Google Ads widget but you can also find it inside the widget settings or the main report's connection: 

Most of them, even if they vary a little in the context of the error, the main cause is the connection needs to be reauthorized. So what's the solution? Just re-connect the data source or reauthorize it. 

Steps to solve the problem: 

  1. Go to the Connections page (click on your account's name top right)

  2. Click on the "add connection" button on the right side.

3. Look for the integration you want to reauthorize and click on it.

4. Then read and follow the instructions provided by our system.

After following these steps, you will be done. Go back to your report and reload the widgets with the reauthorized source.

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