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"Unfortunately, something went wrong."

Sometimes it happens that one of your scheduled reports was not created and sent to the customer. Then, a very general email error message is sent to you saying, "we're sorry, please contact Support."

Well, we're indeed sorry, but most of the time, the problem is not our system. Here are the most common error messages you might find when you cannot send a report or can't create a PDF or Online Report.

  • Error: Your account is missing or has been disconnected. When you have widgets in your Reports coming from a data source needing authorization (like your Google Ads account), it might happen that the connection is lost.
    Please go to the Connections Page (right top part of your page) and reauthorize the connection using the "reauthorize" red button. After doing this, go back to the report and verify the widgets and KPIs are loading results. 

  • Error: Nothing found with this date range or settings. The widgets and KPIs can be filtered on in Swydo. (Cool!!) Check the widget/KPS filters and segments, giving this error; it could be the combination of the settings inside the widget not letting us pull any data from your account. Also, verify if you have data for the date range you chose. 

  • Error: The followers metric only requestable for the last 30 days. Please select a different date range. This is a new error message that will show up for Instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately, some changes were done to their API, not letting us show data for more than 30 days. If you get this error message, you must change the date range to " Last 30 days" and remove the comparison option.

*Please note these error messages can be shown in blue and red.*

If you walked through the steps above, and still have problems with the PDF, please let us know so we can investigate.

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