Report Templates
What they are and how they work
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Quick overview of the features

Report templates allow you to create a complete report in seconds and are useful if you want to use the same report structure with multiple clients at the same time.

From a Report Template you can create several reports for different clients, the idea is, that every time you edit the template, all the reports linked to the template will change too, all (yes ALL !!!) 

 Also, a very handy feature in templates is that you could add general filter settings in KPIs and Widgets to make sure once you create a report out of the template it will contain the right settings:

Ok, How to create a template, well it is the same way as you would create a report, but until you create a report out of the template you won't see results.

  1. Go to Report Templates on the left side panel

  2. Choose from our library of templates or create your own

  3. Click on the create report button

  4. Choose the Client which contains the data source to fill up this new report

  5. Decide if you want to create a report out of the template or have it linked to the template

Report Template Options: 

Branding: You can set up a brand template for your report template, this way every time you create a report with this template it will include the branding option you chose. Do this at the "art" icon in the upper part of your template.

More Options: You can set up a defined language and see all linked reports by clicking at the more options button located at the upper part of your template


Why can't I change the settings in my KPI or widget?

If you can't add metrics or can't add filters in your KPI or widget is because you have it linked to a template. You can unlink the report or go back to the template to make these changes, just noticed that making changes in the template will update all reports that are linked to it.

How can I unlink my report from the template?

Floating while you scroll your report will be the option to unlink the report from the template. You can't link it back but you can create a new one if you unlink it by mistake.

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