Pause or cancel your Swydo account

We can't imagine why, but you might want to pause or cancel your account...

We would really much appreciate you telling us why you want to leave Swydo. Maybe there's a feature you are looking for and maybe we have it but you couldn't find it. Let us know! 

If you are completely sure and want to proceed, do the following:

  1. Go to Team Settings (Clicking on your account's name, top right)

  2. Scroll down, and click on Cancel Team

  3. Select a reason and/or provide us extra info why or select the DOWNGRADE to SABBATICAL PLAN

The Sabbatical Plan is a temporary state in which we keep your data and you can enter the account at any time later. You upgrade to the right plan and you can continue using your account.

Remember, only the owner can cancel the account.

Always welcome to keep using Swydo,

Swydo Team

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