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Monitor metrics in Swydo
Monitor metrics in Swydo
How to create a Dashboard to monitor metrics and set up targets
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The monitor dashboards will help you track your clients' metrics all in the same place. You can fill the dashboard with the most important KPIs and set targets for each of them.

Watch this short video or read through the instructions below to create a new Monitoring Dashboard:

How to create a Monitoring Dashboard


  1. Go to the Monitoring tab on the left side panel

  2. Click on the "create project" button

  3. Add a KPI > Select data source > choose metric

  4. Select a target for a KPI (optional)

  5. Go back to the Monitoring page to overview the metrics per client.

  6. Click on the Project's name if you want to edit a current KPI

  7. Delete the complete dashboard inside the Project's view

  8. Archive the project in case you want to use it in the future but don't need it at this moment

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the Monitoring Dashboard view. You can contact us through the bubble chat or at

Happy Reporting!

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