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Date Ranges in Reports, widgets, and schedules
Date Ranges in Reports, widgets, and schedules

We explain the different Date Ranges of the report

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There are 4 types of Date Ranges in Swydo reports. 

1. General Report Date Range

This date range doesn't change unless you change it, so if you choose "this month" in May, whenever you open the report again in October, it will show the date range of May still.

2. Comparison Date Range

The "compare date range" is also located on the right-side panel is the Report's comparative date range, you can only choose one and will affect all widgets and KPIs with the "comparison checkbox" enabled inside the widgets/KPIs. 

3. Date Range inside Widgets and KPIs

You find this option inside the widget/KPIs settings, choose the Date Range tab.
Here, you will have the same date range and comparison date range options available as you have in the report. These settings allow you to have widgets with different date range settings than you have set up in the report.

4. Date Range inside the Scheduled reports 

The Date Ranges in the scheduled report is different from the general date range in the draft report. Whenever you set a report for scheduling it, you have to set a standard date range, it could be "past x days/weeks/months", the last 7 days, or a custom date range starting at one specific day.
Don't worry that your draft report has a different date range than the one you set on the schedule. The report will be automatically sent with the one in the Scheduled. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the date ranges please let us know, you can contact Support directlty at the bubble chat or write to use to

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