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Check the status of Scheduled reports

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Check the status of Scheduled reports

When you schedule a report, you want to know if they succeeded and were emailed to the customer.
You want an overview of what happened with the reports.

Swydo has such an overview.

  1. Go to the Send log page, at the top part of the Report page.

2. Filter the results with to look at scheduled reports or manually sent reports.

3. Enter any report to check the PDF or Online Report and see if the report was opened by your client.

My Report failed

Enter the report and look for any error, the reason the report failed to deliver most of the time it is because there's a widget or KPI missing a data source. 

  • Enter the report which failed

  • Fix the widget/KPI with error and resend it again, make sure to change the data source and date range to the correct one.

If the report which failed has no error messages, please let us know so we can find out what's wrong.

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