Change your email address
Changing your email address
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How to change your Email address

Follow the steps below for changing your password. The steps will work if you are the owner of the account. If you are not the owner of the account, follow steps 10 to 13.

Since the email address is not easily replaced, there are some steps you need to follow if you are the owner.

  1. Go to Users Page

  2. Add your new desired email address as a user in your account. *If you don't have more availability to add another user go to step 10. 

  3. Log out from your current session and following the email invitation sent to the new user's email address, enter the Swydo account with social login, or create a password for the email. You have to follow this step to complete step 6.

  4. Log out of the session once more and log back in using the user email with the ownership (first email).

  5. Go to the Team Settings page.

  6. Transfer ownership of your account to the new email address.

  7. Log out of the current session and log back in using the new email address.

  8. Go to Users Page

  9. Revoke access to your former email address.
    *Exception. If you don't have more space for adding a new user in the account, follow the next steps:

  10. Go to the Team Settings page.

  11. Transfer temporary ownership of the account to another active user in your account.

  12. Ask the temporarily new owner to revoke access to your email address.

  13. Ask the temporarily new owner to add a new user with the desired new email address.

  14. Ask the temporarily new owner to transfer back the ownership to the new email address.

All new email addresses as users in the account will be available to use as sender email addresses in your emails.

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