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Introduction to the Swydo API
Introduction to the Swydo API
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Introduction to the Swydo API

Swydo has an API! What can you do with the API? There are hundreds of use cases. We name a few: 

  • When you create a client in your CRM system, automatically create a client in Swydo and sync the information.

  • When you land a new client automatically start reporting based on a template.

  • When you lose a client, automatically stop the scheduled reports to this client.

  • Mass update clients, schedules and more.

The Swydo-API Reference Documentation

The actual Swydo-API requests are all mentioned in the Swydo-API Reference documentation at

The Swydo-API Token

As the owner of a Swydo account, on the Team Settings page, you have the option to create or remove an API token.

If you want help or you want us to build a layer between your software and Swydo, please contact us, we are happy to discuss possibilities.

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