Deleting (archiving) a Client in Swydo

In Swydo you don't really "Delete" the Client. What you can do is "Archive" the Client.
Archived Clients are not counted in your license and won't be charged (if in The Sky plan) but will open a new space for a new client (If in Professional or Boutique Plan).

Archiving a Client is done by clicking on the "Archive" button on the right side of the Client's page.

A pop-up appears warning you that also the Scheduled Reports will be stopped running.
After clicking the blue "Archive" button the Client is archived. You can see all archived Clients by selecting them in the filter at the top of the Clients screen:

When you click on the archived client then you enter the context of this archived client. It shows that the client is archived.

Unarchived the Client

The gray "Unarchive" button on the right will unarchive the client.

Notice!  Previous scheduled reports will not reschedule in unarchived Clients. You need to create the schedules again.

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