Reports are MultiLanguage

Yes, you can have your reports in other languages than English.

  • Open a report

  • On the right-side panel look for "Report Language", like the image below: 

Select any other language and your report will be translated. If translations in your language are not correct, please let us know at Also when your own language is missing from this list. We can give you access to our Translation Environment and add your language.

What is (not) translated

All the generated text in a report is translated. This includes:

  • Column headings in the tables

  • Date/Time, including formatting to your language.

  • Names of the widgets and KPIs


If you change the name of a widget, for example, from "Clicks" to "Clicks in last month", we'll skip translating this one. So, only if you keep the widget names default the translator will pick up on them.

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