Setting Up Swydo

  • Creating Users
  • Adding Connections
  • Creating Report Templates

Creating Users

These are the actual Users in Swydo. For every employee in your organization who wants to log in to Swydo, you should create a user account in Swydo.

Creating users is explained in the article User Management.

Adding Connections

The connections are the Data Providers like Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc. Learn more about How to Connect your Accounts.

Creating Report Templates

With a large number of Reports, you don't want to create every report yourself. And this is even not possible out of the API. You would need to log into Swydo itself to create a Report, and that is not what we try to achieve with "Automation" of Swydo tasks.

How your Dynamic Report Templates look like is up to you. We've put already a number of examples in your Swydo environment for inspiration. Also feel free to contact us on the support channels if you need support in setting up Dynamic Report Templates.

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