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I don't see my colleagues reports
I don't see my colleagues reports
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I don't see my colleagues reports

Ok, you signed up for the trial. Looks good, you're enthousiastic.

Then you tell your colleague to give Swydo a try.

What does the colleage do:

  • He/she goes to and clicks the signup button

A new Swydo agency is created.

Two agencies, same name

Since the name of the agency in Swydo does not have to be unique, you can have more than one agency with the same name.

Each has its own agency (Swydo environment) and does not see the other reports.

What you should do

  • Signup Swydo and give it a look

  • If you're enthusiastic, then add the colleague to the same environment.

  • Yes: ADD your colleague. See "User Management" on how to do this.

Agencies cannot be merged

Do realise that we can and will never merge two agencies. There are bigs walls in the technical Swydo databases between agencies. So, once you create another environment, thats the one you stuck up with.

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