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Klaviyo Integration - Metrics
Klaviyo Integration - Metrics

What is Klaviyo and what metrics can you find?

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Klaviyo brings your business together by unifying your e-commerce data in one place. You can understand your audience better, deliver personalized experiences, and learn everything you need to make your business smarter, all through SMS, Forms, and email campaigns.

If you are a Klaviyo user, what data can you pull?

Below you will find the complete list of metrics you can start using:


Active on Site
Active on Site Rate
Average Cancelled Order Value
Average Fulfilled Order Value
Average Placed Order Value
Average Started Checkout Value
Bounced Email
Canceled Order
Canceled Order Rate
Canceled Order Value
Clicked Email
Clicked SMS
Consented to Receive SMS
Dropped Email
Email Bounce Rate
Email Click Rate
Email Open Rate
Email Spam Complain Rate
Email Spam Complaints
Email Unsubscribe Rate
Failed to Deliver Automated Response SMS
Failed to Deliver SMS
Fulfilled Order
Fulfilled Order Rate
Fulfilled Order Value
Fulfilled Order Value Per Recipient
Opened Email
Ordered Product
Ordered Product Rate
Ordered Product Value
Placed Order
Placed Order Rate
Placed Order Value
Placed Order Value Per Recipient
Received Automated Response SMS
Received Email
Received SMS
Sent SMS
SMS Click Rate
SMS Failed Delivery Rate
SMS Unsubscribe Rate
Started Checkout
Started Checkout Rate
Started Checkout Value
Unique Active on Site
Unique Cancelled Order
Unique Clicked Email
Unique Clicked SMS
Unique Fulfilled Order
Unique Opened Email
Unique Ordered Product
Unique Placed Order
Unique Started Checkout
Unique Viewed Product
Unsubscribed Emails
Unsubscribed From SMS
Viewed Product
Viewed Product Rate

You can view all these data by the following dimensions if you select a widget (table or graph):

Day of the Month
Day of the week
ISO Week
ISO Week of Year
ISO Year
Month of the year
Quarter of the year
Week of the year

You can learn more on Klaviyo through their official website:

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