Google Analytics 4 Updates
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GA4 compatibility changes

Nov 22, 2022

We have updated our Google Analytics 4 integration in line with the new incompatibility changes introduced by Google, which will take place starting from Dec 1, 2022.

What has changed in Swydo

  1. Item-scoped dimensions such as item category, item name, and item ID will no longer be reported with event scope metrics such as event count, eCommerce purchases, and conversions. Instead, you can use Item revenue, item purchase quantity, active users, and sessions.

    • Item-scoped dimensions: Item Brand, Item Category, Item Category 2, Item Category 3, Item Category 4, Item Category 5, Item Id, Item List Id, Item List Name, Item Name, Item Promotion Creative Name, Item Promotion Id, Item Promotion Name.

    • Event-scoped Metrics listed below will be incompatible with item-scoped dimensions.

      Event-scoped Metrics: Event Count, AD Unit Exposure, Add To Carts, Average Purchase Revenue, Checkouts, Conv., Ecommerce Purchases, Event Count Per User, Event Value, Events Per Session, First-time Purchasers Per New User, Item List Clicks, Item List Views, Item Promotion Clicks, Item Promotion Views, Item Views, New Users, Publisher Ad Clicks, Publisher Ad Impressions, Purchase Revenue, Views, Page Views Per Session, Transactions, Transactions Per Purchaser and User Engagement Duration.

  2. Attribution dimensions, such as source, campaign Id, and Google Ads ad group ID listed below, will become incompatible with some event-scoped metrics like event count , but still can work with metrics like conversions, active users, and sessions.

    • Attribution Dimensions: Source, Campaign Id, Campaign Name, Default Channel Grouping, Medium, Source Platform, Google Ads Account Name, Google Ads Ad Group Id, Google Ads Ad Group Name, Google Ads Ad Network Type, Google Ads Creative Id, Event Google Ads Keyword text, Google Ads Query.

  3. Dimensions, including query strings like page path + query string will only be compatible with a limited number of dimensions and metrics listed below:

    • Dimensions: Page Path + Query String, Unified Page Path Screen, Page Location, full Page URL, Host Name, Page Title, Event Name, Platform, Country Id, Date, and Country.

    • Metrics: screen page view, user engagement duration, event count, active users, conversions, total users, total sessions, and engaged sessions .

* Swydo introduced these changes on Nov 22, 2022.

You can find more information from Google here.

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