How to: Add GA4 data source

How to add a GA4 data source to Swydo

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This article will teach you how to add a GA4 data source to your Swydo account.

The first thing to do is to go to your client section and click on the right client.

  1. Click on Add data source.

2. Choose the google Universal Analytics provider option.

3. Click on the "+ Connect new account" option under the connection tab.

4. dd the Google account associated with your GA4 account and allow Swydo to download and see your Google Analytics data.

5. Once this is done, Swydo will allow you to choose a different name than the email address to your connection. Also, you will have the option to share this connection with the rest of your team or keep it for yourself.

6. Your connection will be shown in Swydo; from there, you can now choose the data source for your client.

All done! You have a new GA4 data source added under your new client.


Make sure to specify your GA4 accounts from your Google Analitycs accounts to make it easier when choosing it in Swydo.


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