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How to: Add a Pinterest Widget/KPI
How to: Add a Pinterest Widget/KPI


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In this article, we'll explain how to add widgets/KPIs from Pinterest. Follow the next steps to add a widget to your report:

First, you need to connect your Pinterest account directly to the Client's page or through our Connections page.

Once your Pinterest account is connected, create a report or template.

Then click on the plus icon on the side of your report:

Click on Widget and select your Pinterest account.

Next, select a category. You can choose Pin Statistics, User statistics, or Video Pin Statistics. Check out the categories in the image below:

Let's say you choose the first category, "Custom Pin Statistics widget". The widget's settings will open up, and you can customize it as you prefer selecting the type of presentation and date range this widget will use.

Move to the "Dimensions & Metrics" tab to select which metrics the widget will display. Select a primary dimension which will be the first column, and later choose the rest of the metrics.

Once you have selected all the metrics, save the settings, and you will be done!

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