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How to: Add a Pin Performance Widget
How to: Add a Pin Performance Widget

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Pinterest can be a great way for businesses to connect with their audiences. Complete your social media reporting with the Pinterest Ads integration.

In this article, you will learn how to add the Pin Performance Widget. Before adding the widget, make sure you already have added your Pinterest Ads data source.

  1. Click on the +-icon and select widget.

  2. Select your Pinterest Ads account and click on Custom Pin statistics widget.

  3. Optional: select a specific date range on the date range tab.

  4. As a primary dimension, you can choose between the Pin title, description, or preview.

    As metrics you can add the following metrics:

    • Comment count

    • Engagement

    • Engagement rate

    • Impressions

    • Likes

    • Outbound click rate

    • Outbound clicks

    • Pin click rate %

    • Pin clicks

    • Repin count

    • Save rate

    • Saves

  5. If you want to show more specific statistics, go to the filter tab and add the right filter for it.

6. Click on Save Settings to create the widget.

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