Dear customer,

We are excited to share an update on our pricing model with you.

Effective September 1, 2021 we will move to a new “usage based” pricing structure, based upon the number of active data sources in your account. The new pricing model starts at a flat fee of $39/month, and includes 10 unique data sources and an unlimited number of clients and users. Along with this, all accounts will get the benefit of full access to all Swydo platform features like custom domain and custom metrics.

To clarify. A data source is a unique connection between a third party platform and your clients’ individual Swydo report/dashboard. You will only pay for data sources you are actively using and reporting on, improving transparency and flexibility.

Additional Savings Available For High Volume Usage

Here’s a summary of the new plan, along with fees for additional data sources:

  • First 10 data sources - included in initial basic $39 monthly fee

  • 11-100 data sources - $3 per data source

  • 101-500 data sources - $2 per data source

  • 501+ data sources - $1.50 per data source

This new model provides the scalability many customers have requested. Swydo will also be providing access to all platform features to all users and will continue to provide the service you are used to.

As a result of the new pricing structure, we will be discontinuing annual billing as of June 1 and only offer monthly billing.

More information about the number of data sources, how to archive clients, and delete/add a data source, can be found here.

If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to us at

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