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Snapchat: The Available Conversions
Snapchat: The Available Conversions
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When creating a campaign, the goal is to have a high number of conversions. Below a list of all the conversions that you can add to your report and measure your Snapchat Success:

  • Achievement unlocked

  • Ad click

  • Ad view

  • Add billing

  • Add to cart

  • Add to wishlist

  • Apps open

  • Complete tutorial

  • Conversion rate

  • Conversion share

  • Credit spent

  • Invites sent

  • Level completes

  • List view

  • Logins

  • Pageviews

  • Purchases

  • Purchases value

  • Save

  • Searches

  • Sign-ups

  • Start checkout

  • Store visits

  • Subscribe

  • Trial starts

  • View Content

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