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How to: Rerun failed reports
How to: Rerun failed reports
What to do when reports failed
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In this article, you will learn how to identify when a report was not sent and how to rerun it.

Where do I find failed reports?

You can find failed reports by clicking on the "Send log" button on the main page of your Swydo Account.

The reports that did not send will show up in red. The other option is to filter the page by clicking on the "sent state" button; automatically, all failed reports will show.

You will notice the failed reports will show a message about why they failed. The best thing to do is access it and look for the damaged widget, data source, email address, etc.

Kindly note that when a widget is not working, it will show why it is not working with the solution. If you have any questions about the error messages, you can check the following article: Widget error messages

After fixing it and ensuring everything is working correctly, please go to your schedule page and filter the failed reports as described above.

Then choose the reports you want to rerun. You can do this by clicking on the boxes on the left side of each report. Click on the "Rerun failed" button.

If the reports bounce back or you have any other queries about this, please contact us; we will be happy to help you.


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