In this article, you will learn how to replace a data source. There are two ways to replace a data source: through the sidebar and through the widget.

Follow the next steps to replace a data source in your report.

Through the sidebar

  1. Open your report.

  2. On the top of your report, you will see the button "more options". Click on that.

3. A side menu bar will appear. Click on Data Sources.

4. Then click on the three dots at the right side of the data source and "Replace usages."

5. Search for the data source/connection you would like to replace and click on it.

6. Clic on save data source to save the new data source.

By doing this, you will not be doubling the connections but replacing them and avoiding having the same source more than once in the client file.

Of course, by doing this, all widgets that were using this data source will be affected. Unfortunately, there is no way to choose which widget should or shouldn't be affected.

Through the widget

Follow the next steps to change the data source in just one widget.

  1. Go to your report

  2. Scroll down to the widget that needs a new data source

  3. Click on the widget settings button.

4. Go to the tab Data Source

5. Choose a new data source from the drop-down menu.

6. Click on save settings.

If you don't see the new data source in the menu, please click on add data source. And follow the steps. Click on save settings if you have chosen the new data source.


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