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How to: Convert your Report to a Template
How to: Convert your Report to a Template
Creating templates from existing reports.
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Here is how you can start saving time and taking advantage of Swydo benefits. In this article, you will learn how to convert your reports and use them as templates for future uses.

How to convert a report to a template

After creating your report and making sure it is suitable to be a template for other clients, click on the "More options" button at the top of your report on the right side.

You will find in a light gray the "Save as a template" option on the Settings option at the bottom of the menu.

You will also find the Copy the Report option; this is how you copy reports and make changes to them without affecting the original.

Automatically the system will take you to the new Report Template. You will see a gray bar at the bottom of it showing how many linked reports you have to it and the ability to add more widgets.

As this is a copy of a report made in a template with a different name, the original report is not linked, so any widget or KPI added to it will not show in the original.

We want to advise any changes made in a report template will affect every linked report; the only way for a report not to be affected will be by unlinking the report from the template.


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