In October 2020, Google announced a big update for their Google Analytics user: Google Analytics 4. In this article, you will learn how to add a GA4 KPI or Widget to your report.

How to identify GA4 sources?

The first thing we need to know when creating a GA widget is if we have the new version (GA4) or the old version. Identifying this is really simple; you just have to check the profile ID.

Old versions start with a "UA" ID while the new GA4 doesn't. You can check this in your Google Analytics account.

How to add a GA4 widget to my report?

After we've identified our Google Analytics 4 source, we click on the "+" button at the right side of our report and select the widget/ KPI option.

After doing this, you need to choose your data source and then the widget. There is no new logo or access to GA4; it is the same for the old and new versions.

At the moment, we have one widget for GA4 accounts; it is called "Custom GA4 Reporting widget."

As this is a "custom" widget, this means you have to choose the Dimensions & metrics for it depending on what you would like to show.

After choosing the dimensions and metrics, save your widget, and you are all done!

Can I choose one of the default widgets for Google Analytics?

Unfortunately, the default widgets showing are not available for GA4 sources. If you ever get to choose any of this, our system will show this error message advising you've chosen the wrong source.

If you ever get to have any questions about GA4 and its widgets feel free to contact us at any time, we will be more than happy to help you!

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