How to create a GA4 report

Learn how to create GA4 report easily

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GA4 is the latest Google Analytics version, introduced in October 2020. GA4 is a significant update to the previous version of Google Analytics.

One of the major changes in GA4 is the introduction of a new event-based data model. This means that instead of tracking pageviews and sessions, GA4 tracks user interactions with various elements on a website or app, such as clicks on links, video plays, or form submissions. GA4 also includes new features like enhanced cross-device and cross-platform behavior tracking predictive insights, as well as more flexible data analysis options.

How to create a GA4 report?

How do I add a GA4 widget/KPI to my report?

Click on the "+" button on the right side of our report and select the widget/ KPI option.

After doing this, you need to choose the data source previously connected to your client and select the KPI or widget you want:

How to rebuild Universal Analytics metrics in GA4 using custom metrics here!

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