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Hubspot Integration: the KPIs
Hubspot Integration: the KPIs

Which KPIs are available through our Hubspot Integration?

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In this article, you will learn which KPIs are available to add to your Swydo Report. If you want to create a widget (graph, table, or chart), you can learn about the available combinations in this article.

After selecting the right data source to add the Hubspot data in your report, you will get the option to select "custom report widget". Select that option to see which KPIs are available.

We have several KPIs available from several categories. Below the categories with the corresponding KPIs.

Each category contains a link to the Hubspot Knowledge base that contains the definition of each KPI.

  • Click through per from view

  • Form views

  • Non-contact submissions

  • Submissions

  • Submission per click-through

  • Submission perform view

  • Visible

  • Contact to customer rate

  • CTA views

  • Customers

  • Marketing qualified leads

  • Meta

  • New visitors session rate

  • Opportunities

  • Pageviews without exits

  • Returning visits

  • Sales qualified leads

  • Sessions

  • Standard Views

  • Time per page View

  • Time per session

  • Views

  • Visitors

  • Entrances

  • Exits

  • Exits per pageview

  • Page bounce rate

  • Page bounces

  • Desktop

  • Direct traffic

  • Others

  • Bounce rate

  • Bounces

  • Contacts

  • Contacts per pageview

  • Leads

  • Leads per view

  • Pages/sessions

  • Session to contact rate

  • Subscribers

Couldn't find a KPI you are looking for? Please reach out to the Support team so we can re-check the API or request it.

What's Next:

  • How to connect your Hubspot data source?

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