If you’re missing an integration that you’d like to see in Swydo, always let us know through the in-app chat or by sending an email to support@swydo.com so we can track which integrations are being requested. We use this to understand the demand for integrations and as information to prioritize development on new integrations.

If you’ve done this, you can look into the following workarounds to get the data in your reports without a native Swydo integration.

Google Sheets

The Google Sheets integration allows you to import Google spreadsheets into Swydo and visualize the data with the existing visualizations.

This option is good when you just want to add a specific set of data from a source we don’t integrate with. This could be data you exported from your own CRMs or systems where you can easily export spreadsheets or CSV files from.

For example, you’re reporting on Google Analytics statistics and you want to add information on the amount of won/lost Leads that were handled in your CRM system. You could export this data to a CSV, add it to Google Sheets and import it to Swydo through the Google Sheets integration to add it to your report alongside your Google Analytics statistics.

Custom Integrations

If you need more than just a subset of the data from a platform, you could consider using some development capacity to build your own custom integration.

Custom integrations allow you to create your own connection with an external party. This can be your own CRM, a project management tool you use or even your own database. Anything's possible, as long as it's accessible over the internet and, in the case of databases and other systems, accessible through NodeJS.

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